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Whether you are a tech beginner or a tech professional, you will have an advantage with our unique KW approach to technology.

KWU Connect

Sometimes it's hard to find time in our busy life schedules. So how can one attend classes? KW Connect makes it possible --a collection of award-winning, on-demand video training programs are available online to KW associates. They are very insightful, because they are taught by the most talented KW leaders. Since they are online, you have access anywhere you have internet, anytime!


KW is the only national brokerage in the U.S. that offers a complete end-to-end web-based solution for managing prospects, clients, and transactions online. Every KW member receives a unique website that captures leads, automates follow-up procedures, and ensures visibility on leading search engines. Considered one of the greatest achievements in real estate technological history, eEdge is available exclusively to KW agents.


KW makes sure you have the knowledge and tools to power your business, providing specialized training programs, connecting younger agents with agent leaders, and making expert advisors available on a regular basis.